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Nowadays online chatting has become a common thing, everyone shares his point with people through social media, more and more people write in Hinglish language instead of Hindi language, which is difficult to read at times, here you can use mobile And you will know the easiest way about how to type in Hindi in computer.

Hinglish is not a language in itself, it has been made by people, it is better than if we are chatting with someone or writing something in the Hindi language, then write in Hindi instead of writing in Hinglish. You can type in Hindi from the English keyboard on both mobile and computer and it is also very easy.

There is a need to write in Hindi for blogging in Hindi or for any professional work, seeing the increasing use of the internet and mobile in India and the use of the internet on a large scale by Hindi language learners, nowadays both Microsoft and Google have their own systems. It provides you with the facility to type in Hindi easily.

How to write in Hindi on mobile?

Whenever someone takes a new mobile, the default language comes in it, then people start chatting in English itself, Hindi also has a keyboard, but the disadvantage of writing with that keyboard is that you have to learn both keyboards. One of English language and the other of Hindi.

But you do not need to learn to type on two keyboards because you can write in Hindi only with English language words on your smartphone, we use the same method on Logical Friends, in this way you write in Hinglish and that automatically converts to Hindi.

An Android smartphone comes with Google’s keyboard, which you know by the name of Gboard, although it is an app you never see it on the home screen of the phone because it comes with the Android system, although it is on the home screen. There is also an option to show which, when enabled, you get it along with the rest of the app.

There are many ways to type in Hindi, here I am telling you the easiest way to write in Hindi on mobile, for this you have to do some settings, apart from this, all Android users can use it.

1. First of all, open the setting of your phone, after this, if you have the option of searching in the settings in your phone, then search the keyboard, if there is no option to search in the settings of your phone, then you should search by yourself.

If you are using any other keyboard, then you can uninstall them or choose Gboard in Keyboard setting, this is Google’s keyboard which is better than all keyboards, here you get many features.

2. If you are already using the default Gboard, you have to open the keyboard to type anything and then tap on the big button of Space for a few seconds, after which open the section of Change keyboard Yes, here you have to click on the option of Language Settings.

3. Here you will see the keyboard of the English language, if you have added any other keyboard here, then delete it by clicking on the pencil icon above. If there is only one keyboard then you click on the button of Add Keyboard.

4. Now all the languages ​​of the world will come in front of you, here you can also search your language, I am selecting Hindi here.

5. After selecting the language, you have to select how you want to write Hindi, in which ABC – Hindi, which means that you will write in the same way as you used to write earlier but it will be written in Hindi, it is called Hinglish Speaks to write in Hindi.

The second option is to write in Hindi from Hindi itself. If you used to use the English keyboard earlier then you may face problems in writing Hindi with the Hindi keyboard and it may also take time to write with this keyboard.

6. Here you select the option of ABC – Hindi, after that turn off the option of Multilingual Typing at the bottom (Important)

7. Now you can write in Hindi and chat in Hindi on WhatsApp or other social media platforms. To write in Hindi at any time, click on the button made from the Internet icon near the Space button, after which you will be able to write in the Hindi language with this keyboard. And when you want to change the language back, then click on the same button, after which you can write in English or Hinglish.

There are other ways to write in Hindi on mobile, but this is the best and easiest way in which neither you have to download any app nor do you have to spend time to change the keyboard from English to Hindi, whenever you change the language. Yes, all you have to do is one click.

How to write in Hindi by speaking on mobile?

You must have seen many times while chatting with your friends or any person that they write a big paragraph in a very short time, you can also do the same, much more than typing by speaking from mobile.

It takes less time, although you have to speak clearly and there is no noise of any kind around you.
You also have to use the Gboard keyboard to write by speaking on mobile, it is also very easy to set up, you have to do some settings, then you can write by speaking in whatever language you want.

1. First of all you have to open the setting of Gboard, for this you can adopt different methods, like one way is that you open the keyboard to type something, now you will see the setting icon above, to click on it After that the Keyboard setting will open.

2. Here are all the settings of the keyboard, if you want, you can also see them, to type by speaking, you have to click on the option of Voice Typing, in the next step, if it is not enabled, then enable it.

3. Now click on Offline Speech Recognition, here you have to select the language in which you want to type by speaking, here you can also select more than one language. Here you choose English India to type in English and choose Hindi (India) for Hindi and click on save.

4. Now you can type in Hindi or English by speaking, keep in mind that when you want to write by speaking in Hindi, then turn the keyboard to Hindi (ABC – Hindi) and start speaking by clicking on the mic icon located on the keyboard.

Many times some mistakes are made when writing in Hindi by speaking, so read the entire text once and check it, in a calm environment, Boklar can be written very well, apart from this, how you speak also makes a difference.

How to write in Hindi on the computer?

It is now easy to write in Hindi even on a laptop or computer because there are many tools available on the internet with the help of which you can write in Hindi with an English keyboard, it is called writing in Hindi from Hinglish. In Microsoft’s Windows 10, you already get the option to write in Hindi.

If you want to write in Hindi only in any browser, then you can download and use Google’s Extention, but it does not work outside the Extention browser, you cannot use it in any other software other than Microsoft Excel or browser.

Here you have been told 2 ways to write in Hindi on a computer, you can adopt any of these methods, the best is that whenever you want to write anything in Hindi, you can write up everywhere with the same software. And the best option for this is Microsoft’s inbuilt Hinglish to write feature in Hindi.

Windows 10 Inbuilt Feature-

Microsoft had added the feature of writing in Hindi with the English keyboard in the version 2004 of Windows 10, it works exactly like Google Input Tool, apart from this, you also get suggestions about words like Google Input Tool.

Apart from this, the way in which you write the word is also taken care of and you do not have to edit it the next time you write.

  1. This is the best way to write in Hindi on a laptop or computer because it works as the default keyboard with all software. This feature of Microsoft is getting better every day with the use of the user. To type in Hindi on the computer with this feature, you have to follow the steps given below.
  2. Open the system’s settings and search for the language in the search bar, click on Add a Language in the Preferred Language section.
  3. Now many languages ​​​​of the world will come in front of you, here you search Hindi and select it and click on Next button, further you will be told what will be downloaded in this language pack.
  4. Here the normal keyboard of Hindi which is used to write from Hindi to Hindi will already be added, you click on Add a New Keyboard and select Hindi Input Method (Hindi Phonetic), after that already add Hindi Traditional Keyboard Delete it.
  5. Language Pack will take some time to download, after downloading you can write in Hindi from Hinglish, to change the language you have to press Windows + Space button.

Good Tip – In Preferred Languages, you should keep only two languages, first English (United States) and second Hindi. Will survive

Google Input Tools (Extension)

Using Google Input Tools, you can type in Hindi in the browser, this extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers, if you want to type in Hindi only for browser-related work then you can use it.

  1. First of all download the extension in your Google Chrome or Firefox browser by clicking here
  2. After downloading, click on the icon available on the top right side of your browser and click on Extension Options.
  3. Now you have to select the language, here you find Hindi – Hindi and click on it, after that an arrow icon will appear in front of you, click on it, after which the language you have selected will come to the other side. Here you can choose more than one language.
  4. To write in Hindi, you click on the extension icon, before it is turned on, its colour is black, when it is turned on, its colour becomes blue.

You can create shortcuts in Extension for Hindi and English keyboard, its default shortcut is Alt + Shift + N.

How to write by speaking on the computer?

On mobile, you can write by speaking, as well as writing by speaking on a computer or laptop, although you do not get any default feature for this, there are many websites on the internet where you can write by speaking in Hindi.

Google Docs can also be written by speaking, here I will tell you about this, if you have not used Google Docs before, then tell me it is like Microsoft World where you can write anything, more and more bloggers first Write your blog post on Google Doc only.

1. First of all open the Google Doc website in the second tab, here you will be login with your email id and all your data will be online.

2. Now some such interface will come in front of you, there are many options available here, to write in Hindi, you click on Tools, then click on Voice Typing, now the mic icon will appear in front of you.

3. In this step you have to select the language, here the default language is English, you can select the Hindi language by clicking on the drop-down button next to the language just above the mic.

4. After selecting the Hindi language, you can write by speaking by clicking on the mic button.
There are many mistakes in writing by speaking, so you should check the text again, apart from this, this tool works well in a calm environment.


Here you know about how to type in Hindi on mobile and computer. To write in Hindi on mobile, you have to do some settings in Gboard. Apart from this, it is very easy to write in Hindi even on laptops because Microsoft itself provides you with the facility to write in Hindi from Hinglish.

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How to type in Hindi in both mobile and computer? (2021)

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